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The existence of jerseys is not a problem in football culture.

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The Super Bowl is not so much a sports game as it is a big show. With star-studded stars, astronomical midfield ads, and gorgeous scenes, Wholesale NFL jerseys sponsor Nike is one of the most important reasons to win the NFL.

But providing jerseys for the NFL is not a good business. The Kapenik incident last year is a clear example.

On August 26, 2016, quarterback Colin Capenick of the San Francisco 49ers did not rise when he played the national anthem before the game. In the previous two preseason games, he did the same. But this time, his actions caused a huge wave because of a photo of a reporter on the scene. The dialogue between the two has not only become the focus of sports media, but also has caused social controversy. Columnists, bloggers, and Twitterers all talked about it. A more unexpected situation happened - Caponec's cheap jerseys online was sold out.

On the first regular-season match against San Diego's Electrolight team on September 1, Capenic and his teammate Eric Reid squatted on one knee while playing the national anthem. Five days later, the quarterback cheap nfl jerseys became the NFL store's sales champion. Capenic was very surprised at this, but he promised to donate the proceeds to the community. “The skyrocketing revenue from jerseys is because people are convinced that our country will be better, and they think that I am the one who can help change happen,” Capenique said.

Fans spend $99.99 to get a jersey, and limited edition jerseys cost $149.99. The most expensive hardcover version costs as much as $299.99. These facts prove that Caponec's actions have aroused the public's resonance. However, for Nike, the sharp increase in sales seems to have brought a huge problem. In 2012, Nike squeezed Reebok at a cost of US$220 million a year to become the official jersey supplier of the NFL. Before each season begins, Nike will work with the league and retailers to determine which players' shirts will be sold in physical stores and which will be sold online. According to data feedback, Nike will make cheap jerseys in advance. Like superstars such as Tom Brady, Odell Beckham, and Antonio Brown, their jerseys are mass-produced in advance. Some less famous player jerseys produce less.

Before Cappellick stood up in protest against the national anthem, he could only count as a second-tier player. And when his authentic nfl jerseys demand soared, Nike needed to respond to this dramatic increase.

"Nike looks to use a delayed supply chain strategy," said Philip Caro, associate professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Business. This is a philosophy pioneered by Benetton in the 1980s by manufacturing large quantities of basic products overseas at a low price, and then quickly processing at the main factory in the local Memphis. In Caponec's case, the San Francisco 49ers' uniforms were first made and then Caponec's name and number were printed.

"This is the secret of customized services," Carlo said. "The only way to control costs is to make basic products and then produce them. You know exactly how much production each product will have. However, Nike did not respond to this.

The occasional surge in this kind of sales is not limited to one player, but sometimes it happens to one team. Taking the 2015 Calero South Panthers as an example, all authorities believe that this will be a bumper year. A few people think that Cam Newton’s team will end the regular season with a record of 15 wins and 1 loss. Get a super bowl. Carroll South Panthers all the way forward, the team's nike nfl jerseys sales have risen.