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The existence of jerseys is not a problem in football culture.

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This is a carcass, which began in the court and swept the entire hall, but it was the name of the false Guardian.

In order to consolidate the imperial power, the emperor has been planning for many years, suppressing the forces of the Queen's Gus, and he has no choice but to force the Prince into desperation;

In order to compete for the imperial power, Qi Wang combined vertical and horizontal, relying on the emperor's favor, supporting his brother, colluded with courtiers, meaning the Prince's position;

In order to share the glory of the imperial power projection, the leaders fought their way, and the good birds chose the wood to fight for their loyalty to the dragon chair.

Do not care about the first emperor because of losing pet pet inexplicable death, how the princess died overnight, Prince Edward who was conquered on the verge of dethronization, Qi Wang arranged what traps, Yinghui Prince's monk is a treasure who is the nail, Prince Edward's general is really In the defeat, whether the book of the king of the Qi Wang was really deterrence...

In the face of imperial power, the truth is not important.

Even if the monarch is not a monarch, and the minister is not his servant, the father is not the father, the child is not the son, and the robe is used, it is enough to cover up all sins.

However, if the princes who tried to revive the imperial offense from this Shura Field could not eliminate the coldness that has soaked their souls, will they not be able to maintain their conscience?

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