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The existence of jerseys is not a problem in football culture.

What kind of Song and Gong is righteous but fails? ---- Which joints, point to the reincarnation of China for thousands of years. The so-called history is the kind created by the people. It feels like it is in China. It is totally fooling people. It is actually the hands of elites. However, this is more of a point, and there is no other way to achieve it. Examine the vast tide of civil servants. Well, with the cleverness and clarity of the Primary Six, it is only possible to pick up the culprit - the original problem is always unsolvable.

It is hoped that the history of China in the future will no longer be in the hands of elites. If there is no Zhang family whose Xiaomin elephants have died, they can only hope to see the prophet, but they do not know how to step on the power of blood and can only continue to nourish with their blood. Just like Snow Grand said, the lack of love of Prince Edward Xiao will not give love, because life can give life, love can church love. Of course, this is a modern perspective. In the imperial power, many people will talk about pulling eggs. The best result of Shaw's power is to be able to use the power, and it is estimated that this is one of the smallest wishes of people who read the text. However, what I think is: The story of the Ming dynasty, the Lord, how many have broken up the liver and intestines, there is a lot of loneliness and sorrow, and the stability of slaves can not be disheartening. The bottom line of the emperor prince prince is to claim power. In the final analysis, they must protect their system. They can only resort to killing in the secret siege. They can't see the light. Seeing the light and death, how many old three kingdoms and new kingdoms are born, and only this one will be dumped. The power of Shaw's power left the warmth of his mind with only one survivor's struggle.

Xiao Dingquan's hot air, ah, I didn't sleep overnight, the paper did not make, and had to make up for the rest of the afternoon, and then up and see the present, my heart just feel cool. Because of the professional relationship, I had to look at the classics of individual British and American writers. Therefore, when I was free, I threw myself into Chinese ancient articles, and I had the right to change tastes, balance my mind, and have been in shallow water for many years. Under the comparison between China and foreign countries, I love this kind of boutique. The basic heart of the heart can be found in the deeper heart ------ Xueman Liangyuan has written so well that I can't afford the entanglement of the country's family. It is precisely this inexhaustible The mentality and hardships have destroyed the love and friendship of the young emperor and the Guofan as human beings. They have reduced Xiao Dingquan's persistence and longing for human beings. After reading this, what do they remember? Everything else can be forgotten ------ he is the crown prince, he is the orphan of the defeated princes, she is the enemy of the princes, he is the emperor, he is the prince of the prince------- the book off No, I can't forget the outsider. When the offense and defense all revolve around this status, there are right and wrong, nowhere, right or wrong. The hardships of Shaw's right are the most direct. He can be hit by his son and look at the emperor with the following actions. What is the queen of Qin and Huan’s separated flesh? What about the former queen? As a good bow general?

In this game, everyone is a chess piece. Others are hell, and similar remarks have been heard from time to time: Preventing people's hearts is a must. Everyone is on his own front and is defending every moment, and he will injure others while he is defensive. The so-called destructive spirit cannot exist without him. Who does not revenge, who does not have blood? I was thinking that when I was addicted to the old things in the court, I did not make the mistake of whipping myself: There was only the condition of the prince, and there was no personal flesh in my heart. So when I am troubled by history and writing, I may have compassion on me in the future.

When I was a child, I heard that the Chinese loved the collective and had a collectivist spirit. They did not question the overall acceptance, but when they grew up, they had contact with foreign works and personnel. Only then began to doubt that our nation’s literature and rules were in opposition to human beings. In a sense, it is the most individualistic spirit. This background and mode of operation have been consistent for thousands of years. Everyone is in the battle. Everyone is faced with the wind from the eight sides. The story thus formed is extremely exciting. Like power, the people who are immersed in it are unable to stop. After reading the foreign language, I still think that the twists and turns of the Chinese story are not comparable to the classics of the United States and the United States. However, this splendor is based in large part on the identity dilemma created by power. Therefore, it is difficult to draw on it. For example, Xiao Dingquan and Gu Silin care about and care for the people around them, but they must be careful when they push their hearts and cares. This is the normal state. I think that China's history and script are high here. They seem to be subject to this. We are treading the earth and forgetting to look up at the stars. When Xiao Dingquan was forced to struggle with the bottom line, the emperor's queen, the ruler of the princes, ruled out his wife-in-law. The emperor of the Ming dynasty, the emperor of the Ming dynasty, is not looking for a living in the corner. ? As a result, everyone bends down and downcasts. This article by Xue Dao reminds me again that China is a strangely harmed society. The most concentrated reflection of this is that the royal family is the first and the coolest killing is the royal power struggle. Slag's bottomless hole.

I haven’t read this story yet, but regardless of the ending grief and joy, I feel that the royal story of Xueda is not too secretive and bloody, but the relationship between the gentlemen and fathers and sons and gentlemen under the absolute power of Snow Dazhang is truly exciting. The stunner ----- The s and m of power, when you fight, no one can rely on, and when the liquidation is distressed by the people. Therefore, we live, we linger in the jungle, fight in loneliness, struggle on the bottom line, and the story of Xueda is both a royal history of degeneration and a reflection of the entire Chinese society. As long as the emperor under this power has his own state of mind for a day, everyone, who went to the emperor and went to the pawn, did not rely on it. Only self-insurance, but also in the self-protection, there was a bit of stubbornness of the Crown Prince Xiao Dingquan. For the sake of the good, the Lord is the Lord. The ridiculous power of Satan under the control of the world, which actually can be considered as good. If we can't walk out of this dilemma, we can only be as cold as Xiao Jian and Xiao Dingquan, and they are cold and cold in the long night, cold and cold.