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The existence of jerseys is not a problem in football culture.

Gu Changlin: It is the appearance of Pan An. There are generals who make up the country, and there are generals of generals who, on the one hand, love their loved ones, sisters, sons, and nephews; on the other hand, in order to Gu family, they sacrifice these people and let their sisters marry. To the people who did not love, the end was gloomy; one son died in the war, one son had to leave the text and Wu Wu, eight years at the border and couldn't return home, the Prince suffered hardship, and he and the emperor also cherish friendly friends, eventually It became a monarch who mutual suspicion.

I suppose that he had advised his sister to marry someone who did not love: The royal family had no love, and perhaps they began to fall in love. But later on, did they not see "Jinwuzangjiao and Longmenfu"? There is still a strong maiden home that is more reliable. However, what he didn't expect was that for her younger sister, no love can live in peace with her husband and children. However, the loved ones are so affectionate that when they marry to others, they have become sisters to themselves. The niece (can't stay with you, just leave the people you know with me?); her husband and brother join forces to send the ones they love to their destiny, and they live only half life. For the family, Prince Edward was given power, and his son was dependent on him. When his youngest daughter died, he was no longer in love. So he scolded his sister and told the Prince, what would happen if he let his sister marry someone she likes? Will Prince Edward have a love for his father?

It is almost futile for Gu Changlin to maintain a long-term military commander's family control over the emperor. If he does not want to replace the emperor, he can only be weakened. Even if the Prince is to be promoted in the upper class, it will weaken the Gu and the emperor. How can he be controlled by others?

In fact, the relationship between the famous and the emperor is very subtle, the generals can not be useless, the emperor does not like it, but the generals can play too much, the emperor is not necessarily like it, will not feel at ease. The most famous star was Guo Ziyi. Why did he later "single ride and return" because he was afraid of the emperor's suspicion. After the fight, he never left a pawn; the worst was Yue Fei. The Southern Song Dynasty was partial to the south of the Yangtze River. He had to recover large amounts of land lost in the north of the Yangtze River. The area is larger than Jiangnan, and the people are grateful. If his ministry will allow him to “add his yellow robes,” what should he do? (How did Song start?) Moreover, he also cares about the emperor Li Tzu, and wants to welcome the first two emperors in the Northland. Therefore, the emperor can only let him die on the charge of “unnecessary”. This is very generous to ministers, and it is very rare for the Song of Lingnan to exile.