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The existence of jerseys is not a problem in football culture.

A Bao (Lu Xi): This is everyone's young lady who is proficient in poetry and painting, because the Asan family struggled to become a prisoner. After experiencing all the embarrassment, he was sent to Prince Edward for his mother and his brother. When spies, they gradually fell in love with the Prince.

On the one hand, she cannot truly love the prince, because the mother and younger brother are in the hands of King Zhao, and she can only send out intelligence; on the other hand, A Bao and Prince Edward, the two are so similar, so that people with conscience are faced with jade. How can she not fall in love with her? So she will cry out in refusal of the only opportunity to give her heart and cry. This is why she will wait in peace for four years, so she will be sad when she is alone in four years.

Regardless of who won the crown of Prince Zhao, there is only one way to die for her, just as she said: “I am not afraid of old because I cannot live my life”However, I believe that because the information sent by Ai Bao is incomplete, at least for Xu Xu, she is concealed.

Zhao Wang: At first he thought that he was an ordinary juvenile prince who was behind Qi Wang. When he was about 15 years old, he knew that he had started his full-hearted layout. He was also a boy who was eager to love, but he wanted to learn because it was not. The Prince was rejected. The mother only remembered the eating habits of the second brother Qi Wang, but he never knew that he was allergic to eating the same kind of food. He was still not a good hand. He was not as good as the father, but was not allergic. It is also very tolerant. Then why can't we contend for a fight and see who is the king of the world in the future?

Xu Fuyu: Because the royal internal battle, this is the noble king of the descent, but only hidden in the name; this is full of talent through the Tianwei, can only hide to be a small seven officials, so to help the Prince, on the one hand because The empathy of the mother and the former empress and the gratitude of the original ambulance, on the one hand, made the emperor and Gu Changlin both sad. The emperor wanted Prince Edward to step down and I wanted to make him become an emperor. Gu Changlin wanted the Prince to rely more on his family and let his family become centuries. Family, I prefer to let the prince come to power, let your parents and foreigners to weaken the Gu family.